I’m an Amsterdam based allround designer and stylist  working in the field of (brand) events, interior and performance.  

 I’ve worked for several mad creative companies  in the past twelve years and I have to conclude: The business that I’m in, is totally up my alley. It’s lively, diverse and challenging. An interesting combination of design, a story and a happening. And on top of it all, lot’s of people get to experience it. Love it!


Primary bright colors and geometric shapes  with a touch of surrealism could be seen as my signature style. However, I like to expand my own boundaries. Always looking out for new stuff  and stories to tell through styling and spatial design.


I have a huge network of inspiring and skilled people that I've worked with before. Mostly DJ's, photographers, illustrators, stage designers, artists, production tigers and lot's of extravagant performers. So if you need more people to make your event something truly memorable, go to my contact page and let's have a talk.